Lhasa Apso Grooming

People you meet will say: how beautiful, long hair! Do you brush and bath every day? Of course no. When you know about the technology of the care, it is a ritual for dog and owner. In order to receive a long, shining coat, it requires a balanced nutrition coordinated with the breed. As food additive I give daily a little spoon of good oil. In addition, every other oil with a high content of essential fatty acids is suitable, like cold pressed night candle oil, cocosoil and high quality salmon oil.
Brushing: Lhasa Apsos have are dubblecoated, which consists of fine underwool and firm cover hair. The cover hair should be hard. This hard cover coat comes after the change of the puppy coat. First harder hair comes through usually between the shoulders.

Grooming: a Lhasa is not like it seems, once per week is enough, it depends only on the regularity. Ask your breeder to show you how to do it. 
Grooming: The best is you put the dog on a table (a good place is also the washing machine!) a not-slipping underlay and put the dog laterally on it. I always use the same instruction -Peng-, that means, the dog must remain lying now. Now the hair is easily moistened with an atomizer, so that the hair does not break when brushing. The atomizer is filled with distilled water, added a cup of conditioner. Beginning upward combed by the belly. Part the hair in layers horicontal and be sure to brush and comb trough to the skin. The paws are treated in the same way. If small matts are found, part it with the fingers and comb out with a finer comb. Never pull on the hair, it hurts the dog and breaks the hair. For the eyes I use a small comb, in order to remove dried up eye secretion. Begin with brushing the puppy as soon you have it at home. Use a baby brush and brush the coat every day for only a few minutes, this is only that the dog learns, how to behave, so later, when the coat is longer, will be no problem to brush the dog. It can be relaxing for dog and owner.

1 clips for brushing and drying
2 claw clipper
3 different hair slides
4 different rubberbands
5 tweezers
6 fine comb with rotating pins
7 coarse comb
8 metal comb with fine and coars parts
9 fine comb for eyes
10 comb for parting the hair
11 brush with metal pins, rounded
12 brush with long metal pins
Eyes: Daily cleaning ofthe eyes is necessary. The eye internal angles are cleaned either with a dampened cotton woolpad or released with a fine comb from secretion remainders. In no case cut the hair around the eyes, the new growing hair irritates the eyes and you will have infections, the Lhasa Apso has long lashes, which keep the eyes free.
Ears: Once per week the ears are cleaned. In addition one uses an ear cleaning agent of the vet. Hair in the ear canal is carefully pulled out with the fingers, in order to avoid infections. No fear, this doesn´t hurt the dog. For easier removing the hair you can use an ear-powder.

Claws and Paws: Every few weeks the claws should be shortened. You must be very careful not to cut too short. The 5. Claw at the inside of the front paws must be shortenend too so that it cannot grow in. Let this cutting show you by a breeder or an experienced dog owner. Also between the bundles and toes the long hair has to be cutted to avoid inflammations .

Bathing: Showdogs are bathed regulary, pets are bathed when its necessary. I use a good dog shampoo with a following conditioner, which improves and protects the hair structure. It's very important to get all the hair wet before you apply shampoo - sometimes the coat resists water, and you find dry patches when you put the shampoo on. Use warm water (not hot or cool), and when the dog is completely wet, work in the shampoo gently, moving your hands down from the top, never rubbing in circles or in up and down motions. Rinse very well and apply the conditioner/water mixture. If you have a no rinse conditioner you must not rinse again, if not, rinse very well. Put the dog in a large bath-towel, press out the water, never rub, this will cause matts. The hair is brushed and blowed at the same time. In cold weather the dog should not go outside, before the coat is complete dry. After a walk in bad weather and your Lhasa is dirty, we shower only the paws and the belly and remove any wood remainders or also annoying grass seeds from the coat.
Haircut: For me the Lhasa Apso is typical only with his long, beautiful and thick coat. The hair for a pet must not touch the floor, but please never shave completely. If you want to show your Lhasa Apso on Dog Shows, do not cut his hair. If your Lhasa is not groomed for a long time and you think its not possible to demating him, ask your breeder, he has the right instructions for you to save the coat.
Very old dogs don´t like the grooming anymore, you can make a puppy clip and the grooming and bathing will not stress your old Lhasa.


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