About Padma Sambhava

Since 15 years our small kennel is very successful in breeding and on shows, many International Champions and Best in Show Winners are living in our house.

Our family

Consists of my husband and me and our three children Dominik (27), Annika (22) and Chiara (19), beside the dogs we have a few chickens and two horses.


our first dog in 1983

Collie Boris was our first dog, coming not from a good breeder his character was not easy. When he was 3 he got cancer and we had to put him in sleep.


black toy poodle

After Boris the toy poodle Bianca came into our life, Biance lived for 14 years in our family.

Bonzi Benign (Shyla)


Since many years I had dreamt of a Bobtail. Only by chance I got a Bobtail female, one of the kindest dogs I ever met, Shyla lived for 11 years with us.

Siddhi Park Inti

Lhasa Apso

In 1993 when I was on a show with my Bobtail I saw a small longhaired breed with a great character. After waiting for two years the Lhasa Apso became part of our life...